Georgetown Mortgage Building

Roy and Barbara Jones moved from Roswell, New Mexico, in 2001 to open a small mortgage company in Georgetown, Texas. They operated under the NM brokerage firm for a brief period before deciding to branch out on their own – thus establishing Georgetown Mortgage (dba Home Source Mortgage) in 2003.

Roy now serves exclusively as the CEO/CFO, focusing mainly on building a strong company and responsibly managing its sustained growth. Barbara stays busy in full-time upper management overseeing the internal corporate team now comprised of over 80 employees.

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We always focus on the future.

The success of our future already exists, we created it from our past.

Roy and Barbara Jones 2005Soon after opening the business, Roy and Barbara become heavily involved in the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and forged many valuable business-building relationships that still exist today. They both sat on several committees, served as Ambassadors from 2001-2006 and Roy was elected President in 2005.

Recognizing our company for significant contributions to the business community, the Chamber recently named Georgetown Mortgage its first and only Platinum member! Sponsoring local events, volunteering on projects, promoting Chamber membership, etc. all foster the networking process among local business owners. Good examples of this include frequent hosting of Realtor open-house tours, helping organize events, holding public seminars and other industry-related functions.