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What is an eMortgage?

  • An eMortgage is Georgetown Mortgage’s completely digital home loan that combines an eNote (an electronic note) with an eClosing (a fully digital closing portal where all closing documents can be signed).
  • Due to industry limitations dictated at the federal level, Georgetown Mortgage eMortgages are available for Fannie Mae Conventional loans only at this time. We’re working with industry partners, including the Government National Mortgage Association, to provide eMortgages for FHA, VA, and USDA financing.

What Makes an eMortgage different?

  • eMortgages are completely identical to paper mortgages except for one very big difference – flexibility! Not only do you not need to sign hundreds of pages of closings paper work, but you can also more easily close your home loan outside of a title company. This means you can close in the comfort of your own home, your work, or even in front of the home that you just purchased! All thanks to a mobile notary. Another benefit is that the closing process takes less time. With no pages to fuss with, you can read all your paper work via a computer via a computer screen and quickly make your way through the documentation. Even better, we can now deliver our closing package to you days in advance so you can review the documents at your leisure. This is the perfect time to ask any questions that you may have – we’re happy to help!

Where are eMortgages currently being offered?

  • For now (quickly to change) we are only offering eMortgages in the state of Texas. In the very near future, Colorado will also be an option with more states coming online each month. We must work through each states regulation to make sure that you don’t have any snags at closing.


How Does an eMortgage work with a FasTrack loan?

  • Georgetown Mortgage is very proud of its proprietary FasTrack process. The Georgetown Mortgage FasTrack process ensures that your loan closes on time with no hassles for you. eMortgages are a perfect compliment to this process and you can be sure that each one of our eMortgages utilizes the FasTrack process.

fastrack background

EMortgage is only available in Texas for Fannie Mae Conventional loans
at this time. Texas Cash-Out loans (50a6) are currently not eligible as
they require Borrowers to sign at a title company.