Organizational culture is defined as “the behavior of humans within an organization and the meaning that people attach to those behaviors…” What is company culture and why is it so important? More specifically – what is the culture of Georgetown Mortgage??

R3 Logo - smallAs companies grow and face inevitable challenges, their distinct cultures emerge and evolve to form a basic “genetic code.” This code is comprised of certain core values that remain sacred no matter what. Our quickly-expanding GTM family is flavored with many diverse individuals who each bring special value and perspective to our company…. yet despite the many differences we share, the unique culture at GTM still remains – a culture firmly rooted in faith and family values, a unified vision and mutual respect for each other!

We provide an environment in which employees are motivated and given the tools, guidance and opportunity to improve themselves and achieve their professional and personal goals. In addition, our employees are recognized and rewarded for outstanding service, work ethic, attitude and being a team player. By recruiting top-quality employees who advocate our unique vision of “family,” we continue to strengthen our company as a whole. At Georgetown Mortgage – we ARE a family….and like any family, we nurture each other – celebrating successes, offering support during difficult times and discovering what makes us all tick!


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Having a solid, trustworthy public reputation is vitally important whether it is in a local, state or national capacity. How we conduct business, treat our customers and interact with fellow colleagues ultimately determines our success.

Owners and operators, Roy and Barbara Jones, founded and have built Georgetown Mortgage based on their Christian faith and principles. Having made countless friendships and fostered many business relationships, they understand our responsibility to give back and be of service to others. They are known for encouraging their employees to become involved in their respective communities and many employees serve on local boards, work with charity organizations and participate in industry-related associations. Being involved in public service not only strengthens our reputation, but allows us to be a blessing to those in need and set a good example for other coworkers to follow as well.

They’ve learned that investing themselves heavily in the business community and developing relationships is just as important as having a great business model. They bestow the credit for Georgetown Mortgage’s success upon their employees who all work together as a team in our unified vision to become a “legendary, national mortgage company.”

Another great example of their concern and care for GTM employees is the recent establishment of GTM HOMEFront Foundation, a non-profit organization set up to help GTM employees and their immediate families in time of crisis. Employees donate through payroll deductions or one-time gifts to ensure that families aren’t in danger of losing their homes or family vehicle in the event of catastrophic illness, tragedy or natural disaster. Industry partners are also involved to help us protect the “Homefront” and allow employees to focus on the immediate needs of their families.