Let us help you build your custom dream home


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Building your custom dream home should be the most exciting time of your life so let us help you make dreams come true!

At Georgetown Mortgage, we offer specialized construction lending programs with very low down payment requirements to best suits your unique needs and financial situation. The construction loan includes financing for cost to construct as well as the lot purchase through a simultaneous close. We also offer a build-on-your-own lot closing in the event you already own your lot.



We have specialized loan originators to assist and guide you through your construction loan transaction process and are here to make sure you have a pleasurable experience from start to finish. You’ll work with the same experienced loan officer who will make sure you understand the intricate details of construction lending, both during the building process as well as what happens once the home is 100% complete.

Our program offers a two-time close in which you first close on the interim construction loan (the loan to build the home) and upon full completion, you close on the permanent mortgage loan. Our specialized construction program provides both loans, allowing for a seamless transition into your permanent financing!

We fully credit qualify you upfront for the permanent mortgage PRIOR to the construction loan closing. This ensures that you meet permanent loan guidelines and have no unexpected surprises at the end. Once the home is completed, we will update your credit documentation for final approval so you can move into your beautiful new custom dream home!

What documentation do you need up front? Client documentation consist of income, credit and asset documents as well as construction-related documents such as construction contract, plans, and specs, etc.

Income Documents

  • 30 days of most recent pay stubs
  • Year to Date Profit & Loss statement (self-employed only)
  • 2 years most recent tax returns
  • 2 years most recent W2’s or 1099’s

Asset Documents

  • 2 months of most recent consecutive bank statements (all pages, even the blank ones.)

Information Needed

  • Full 2 years of residential history
  • Full 2 years of employment or school history
  • Signed Authorization Package

Builder documentation consists of a completed builder application for our review, builder’s risk policy to cover the build of the home during construction, builder’s W9 and a cost budget breakdown.

To get started, please call us at (512) 930-7888! Our dedicated loan originators work with teams of highly specialized construction processors, underwriters and loan production partners who work efficiently together to move your loan quickly through the system. The first step involves completing a thorough loan application, running a credit report and discussing what credit documentation will be required. Just like all mortgage loans, construction loans undergo the same basic process – the upfront documentation is reviewed by an underwriter and a conditional permanent mortgage take-out approval is issued. When all pieces of information requested by the underwriter and 3rd party documents (subject to appraisal with use of plans and specs, title work, etc.) are received, the loan is submitted back to the underwriter for final approval. Once this has taken place, we will move forward with setting up a construction closing date so we can get started with the building process of your new custom dream home!