home refinance programs

Refinance Programs

You love your home, but you are frustrated by your high rate mortgage each month. When interest rates are low, or lower than your existing mortgage, perhaps it’s a good time to consider a home mortgage refinance, commonly called a refi.

A refinance loan gives you the opportunity to take control of your finances by changing the terms of your home mortgage or locking in a lower interest rate.

Georgetown Mortgage offers a range of mortgage refi options that can potentially save you hundreds of dollars each month, depending on the size of your loan.

Imagine what you can do with all that extra cash in your paycheck. Save more for retirement and unforeseen emergencies. Expand your investment portfolio. Set up college fund accounts for your children and increase the chance they can graduate without need of student loans. Upgrade or redecorate your home. Replace your aging vehicle with a new dream machine. Or, splurge and take that much-needed vacation of your dreams. The possibilities are boundless.

Which Refinance Option is Best for Me?

We have a variety of refinance choices, such as:

Speak with a Georgetown Mortgage expert to discuss your refi possibilities.

Our loan officers and underwriters agree—one loan does not fit all. That is why Georgetown Mortgage offers a variety of refinance rates and options designed to meet your family’s unique needs. With a Georgetown Mortgage, you get a personalized approach to the lending process. We want to hear your story, your goals, and your dreams. We will find refinance programs to match.

Georgetown Mortgage expedites the refinance process so you receive your better deal much sooner. Where big banks take 60 days to 90 days to close a refinance, Georgetown Mortgage underwriting and lending experts make your refinance a priority and close your refi loan in as little as 30 days! No bells, no whistles. You simply get an honest refinanced mortgage with full transparency, so that you close your loan as a satisfied Georgetown Mortgage borrower.

Georgetown Mortgage Hears Your Concerns
Georgetown Mortgage believes a loan can change your life for the better, and so can your borrowing experience. In today’s post-recession economy, some borrowers may find it hard to believe that claim and trust a mortgage lender. We understand why.

At Georgetown Mortgage, you get one mortgage originator, one lender relationship, because we don’t believe you should have to re-explain your situation with every conversation.

When you are ready for a mortgage refinance, give us a call. The Georgetown Mortgage team of home loan professionals will hear your concerns and help you through the process, at your pace.