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About Our Loan Programs

Prospective homebuyers have their own unique reasons to become homeowners, and many turn to a Georgetown Mortgage home loan to fulfill their dreams.

Young borrowers with strong family ties may feel the need to grow deeper roots and raise their own children in a house located within their beloved hometowns. The adventurous borrowers may visit a faraway place, fall in love with a new community, and decide to buy a home in the new locale.

Parents of an adult child with extreme disabilities may need a second primary residential home loan in their name only to provide their child a secure home of her own, and ensure their peace of mind.

Current homeowners with money to invest may want to shelter some of their wealth by purchasing second homes as part of their investment portfolios. Or, they may want to refinance their existing mortgage to get better rates and terms.

Most homebuyers simply want the convenience of a single relationship—one mortgage originator, one lender—that meets their desire for a stress-free mortgage process, from loan application to funding.

No matter your situation or goal, you’re likely to find the home loan that’s a perfect match to your need at Georgetown Mortgage. Our menu of mortgage programs are designed to cover just about any borrower’s dream.

Georgetown Mortgage offers competitive rates and low fees to borrowers and homeowners currently in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, California, and Wyoming through a diverse range of conventional mortgage loans and government-backed loan programs, including:

You have high expectations of your lender. So do we.
Georgetown Mortgage believes a loan can change your life for the better, and so can your borrowing experience. In today’s post-recession economy, some borrowers may find it hard to trust a mortgage lender. We understand why.

The Georgetown Mortgage team believes in the Golden Rule: we treat you how we want to be treated—fairly, honestly, equally, and with full transparency. We hire only those loan officers and team members who demonstrate a genuine commitment to providing top customer care for every applicant and borrower, as if each were the only Georgetown Mortgage customer.

You can expect more from your Georgetown Mortgage borrowing experience. Imagine the peace of mind you’ll feel with our Georgetown Mortgage lending professionals on your side.